About Me

May 2019 · 2 minute read


Welcome to my blog which started off because I had a lot to say in discussions I was having with my colleagues at work and realized that I deliver better in long-form text.

I write about programming in practice and theory

Specifically about new and interesting tech that catches my eyes and that can further serve what I’m now realising is my passion for simplicity.

My posts are primarily in Turkish

It’s only natural because this blog started off as a spill-over from my discussions with my Turkish colleagues.

Secondly, I have noticed that the topics I like to talk about lack Turkish resources. I hope this blog could be of use to my Turkish peers and students interested in the field.

Thirdly…​ I suspect that thinking about a problem in multiple languages can only deepen analysis. Which is why my english posts are a slight variation of the Turkish posts, aimed mostly at exploring rather than explaining how alternative approaches to a problem can be utilized to simplify solutions.

I also write about urbanism and urban lifestyle

I will share observations, researches, stories and projects about urban planning, livable cities, sustainable transportation. These will have the same goal of finding simplicity within what initially seems chaotic.

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